Dogs have a soul

People say that dogs don’t go to heaven when they die because they don’t have a soul. I’m not sure about the former, but I’m pretty sure that dogs have a soul.

Dogs have a soul because they have emotions.

They wag their tail at the slightest sign of their master who had been away for the whole day. They jump around frantically, barking and panting, saying, “I miss you a lot! Where have you been?”

10391575_231660026631_6408091_nDogs get hurt, too, when we yell at them or scold them for being who they are: Dogs. Have you seen a dog cry or heard him whimper after being rejected? It’s because they have feelings, too, and they get hurt when we don’t love them back.

Dogs have a soul because they know how to reciprocate the love that they receive. They are willing to die for you, take care of you, play with you and comfort you because they are grateful for the times that you played with them, fed them and gave them a good bath.

Dogs appreciate your stories, too. They feel loved when we tell them how our day was, and they feel appreciated when we talk with them affectionately.

Dogs have a soul because they know the value of friendship and loyalty. They stick around no matter what, despite being taken for granted, being yelled at or being abandoned at times.

They show the same affection over and over again. They know how to forgive, and they’ll give you the wildest welcome as you arrive home just as usual.

Dogs have a soul because they are capable of loving unconditionally. While humans struggle to show unconditional love towards one another, a dog’s soul is so pure that sometimes I think they know and understand love more than we do.

IMG_11119120884106 Our family’s dog was hit by a motorcycle yesterday. He died on the spot. Perhaps the next most painful thing to losing a loved one is to lose a dog; a dog who was more than just a pet but a friend, a loyal buddy, a faithful companion.

He was one of the best and sweetest dogs I have ever known. If dogs really have a soul, his was a beautiful one, and it would bring a lot of comfort for me to know that he is now in a doggy heaven, stuffing his mouth with all the food that he can grab and enjoying the company of all the good dogs there.

But I miss him terribly, and a lump always forms in my throat each time I call his name like before, as if he still hears my voice.

To you, Zildjian, we love you and we miss you. I’m sorry for what happened to you.



  1. Acantha

    I feel what you are feeling, I lost a dog too and I guess that’s how I stumbled upon this post here. It’s such a sad day knowing that your dog died and a tragic one at that. It’s hard to get over it even if you get a new dog, I know, I tried but it feels different. It’s really like you lost someone very important to you and that hole won’t be filled anytime soon or ever.

    Be strong and think of the good things.

    Cheers from Greece!

    • Jello

      Thank you for your kind words, Acantha. Yes, it really feels different, and we resolved not to get a new dog anymore. It’s just too sad when the time has come for them to say goodbye.

      • Acantha

        Wow! That’s tough. I just can’t live without a dog. Better’n having a man. lulz
        But you know what? Dog tastes yummy. Like a lamb, just a bit hard so need to stew quite some time. That’s what I did to my Esop. He’ll always be with me. I heard Philippinoes are dog-eaters too, right?

        Cheers from Greece!

        ps…can I share your story on my facebook?

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