The Murder of Marlou: The Xander Ford Case


Society killed Marlou.

Yes, Marlou Arizala is dead, and society is responsible for it.

It was in 2015 when the guy first went viral on the Internet, along with his group Hasht5, as their photos and videos circulated the Web. The reason for their sudden fame, however wasn’t because of good publicity. In fact, they were ruthlessly bashed and called many names. One of them stood out from the gang.

Marlou — with his bright red hair, his dark skin, and his face that people would soon exploit on memes and funny posts.

I would admit that at first, I myself also took a swipe at the guy because of his braggadocio and his rather uncommon facial features. But after watching an interview with them a couple of years ago, what I saw Was a young guy with an unrelenting drive to reach for his dreams, and a person who was trying to hide his insecurities by creating a strong facade.

The growing hatred for the guy was the inception of a grand scheme to assassinate the man — his character, his dreams, his ambitions.

Society killed Marlou.

His Facebook posts would always elicit hate comments from people who had nothing better to do. He would be the subject of online ridicules and cursing from people who wished him dead. Yes, others would even go as far as to tell him to just kill himself.

Society eventually succeeded in killing the young man.

Last night, his transformation from Marlou to Xander Ford has finally been unveiled on national TV. And the Internet exploded with posts and tweets about his new identity, garnering mixed reactions from netizens.

Finally, people have something good to say about Marlou, albeit skin-deep and superficial.

The people’s reactions reveal the kind of society we live in. They show that people’s respect for one another is based on how one looks, what he wears, or what his skin color is. Society has forced Marlou to grab the opportunity to change what people hated about him. He was made to believe that his worth and identity will improve greatly if his face and his name would change. Marlou was forced to leave his old self — even if it’s just the face that changed — if that’s the only way to escape the razor sharp criticisms that he has probably grown tired of.

Matagal ko nang pangarap ‘to, ang maging guwapo,” he would say, which actually reads, “Matagal ko nang pangarap ‘to, ang mahalin at tanggapin ng mga tao.

Alas, when his new face was finally revealed, some even questioned why he couldn’t be content with what God has given him. I am pretty sure that he was perfectly fine with how he looked, until society turned him into a laughingstock.

We live in a bipolar, double-standard, hypocritical society. And we have permitted this culture of shame and bullying to permeate our collective minds and psyche.

Inside Out Transformation

What Marlou and all of us needed was not cosmetic surgery. What we all need is an inside-out transformation — a change that starts from within.

Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive, the Bible says; making it an unwise basis for people’s worth and identity.

If only someone had told Marlou that his worth as a person is not based on his outward appearance, but on his inherent value as a human being — created in the likeness and image of his Maker. If only he was told that the opinions of people about him don’t diminish his value as a person; because to the One who sees the heart, he will always be fully pleasing. If only he was told that Somebody thinks he is so valuable that he was actually worth dying for, he would’ve embraced who he really was, and enjoyed his uniqueness as a person.

What Marlou needed wasn’t a name-change in order to change his identity. He needed a rebirth from the ashes. Changing his name from Marlou to Xander Ford will not erase his former identity. What will change his identity is when he exchanges his old life for the new life that Jesus offers. That if anyone is in Him, he is a new creation. The old will pass away, the new will come.

What Marlou and all of us needed is not a face surgery, but a heart transplant — the removal of the wicked, depraved heart and the placing of a new, clean heart.

Let us start spreading this message. Let us overcome society’s lies with the life-changing truth that we are deeply loved and fully pleasing, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our perfect Father in Heaven.



  1. karwonders

    This is very much true. & the realness in this post saddens me so much. How I wish people would appreciate each persons’ worth while they still have their chances.

  2. Anonymous

    I beg to disagree. His own ego killed his old self. Life is about perspective. Bashers could be anywhere and anybody. Before social media, we had kantsawan from our kababatas and kutya from our pinsans. But we dont give a damn about it. Nowadays they call it bashing and blame internet for it.

    Moreso, it’s his grandeous desire for stardom that made him changed his looks. So dont solely blame his bashers/critics for it.

    Just sayin. Best of luck for him though.
    And yes, before i forget… genes dont lie. ;)

    • Anonymous

      “Before social media, we had kantsawan from our kababatas and kutya from our pinsans. But we dont give a damn about it”

      – yes, it has an effect. We turn out to say hurtful words because of even those seem to be shallow kantyawan. Hurt people, hurt people…

      • Anonymous

        marlou is a teenager hindi pa masyado mature yung isip tapos napag pyestahan ng napakaraming tao na depress un nag isip first thing come to his mind ” PAG GWUMAPO AKO, WHO YOU KAYO” kaya yun ang naging goal nya na makaganti sya sa mapang husga at mapang lait na lipunan hindi natin sya pede sisihin sa desisyon nya na i-grab ung opportunity nung may lumapit sa kanya para mabago ang physical appearance nya kase his thingking na pag nagbago itsura nya matatanggap na sya ng lipunan.

    • Carizz Cruzem Imbisan

      May point ka.

      It’s true na before social media, andyan na talaga ang tuksuhan from sa mga tao na kakilala natin and ok lang sa’tin. But social media made it easier for people to do this same thing sa mga tao na hindi naman natin kakilala personally. Yung sabihan ka ng mga tao na hindi mo kakilala na magpakamatay ka na dahil sa looks mo, and hindi lang once and hindi lang din from the same person; the volume of people ganging up on him, this could break a person, lalo na yung hindi talaga secure sa sarili nya.

      Pwedeng hindi lang talaga gusto ni Marlou yung itsura nya. Pero yun cannot deny din the fact na yung anonymity na binibigay ng worldwide web gives people the feeling of unrestrained freedom to say what they wouldn’t normally say to someone in person.

      Pwede din na Marlou has grandiose desire for stardom nga, kaya sya nagdecide to go under the knife. Pero yung mga panlalait na natanggap nya from sa maraming tao made this decision just too easy for him.

      Gusto ko din yung sinabi mo na “Genes don’t lie.” Naisip ko din ‘to nung unveiling nya. Na pano yung magiging anak nya? And it makes me sad. I hope na yung maging anak nya, if ever man na makuha nya yung facial features ni Marlou, eh mas maging matatag at mas maging secure sa sarili nya.

      • Francisco

        “Pero yun cannot deny din the fact na yung anonymity na binibigay ng worldwide web gives people the feeling of unrestrained freedom to say what they wouldn’t normally say to someone in person.”

        Might be the reason why a lot are posting comments anonymously.

    • Anonymous

      You mean kantyawan from SOME vs THE WHOLE WORLD. you will never know until it happens to you. Hindi mo alam ang pinag daanan nung tao. Di mo dinanas. So dont compare it to kantyawan from some people vs the world.

      • Francisco

        Exactly. Check your privilege. Not everyone grew up in the same comfy, support-driven environment as other people. For a kid to go through that sort of hating in showbiz, that’s no small feat. If there were no memes, no hating, no bashing; if he was given the same privilege and accommodation as the better looking teen stars, do you think he would still have gone through with it? or do you think he would have, at the very least, been able to reassure himself that “hey, people like me for what I can do, for my talents, etc.”?

      • Anonymous

        panong ndi k i babash….e panget k n nga feeling pogi k p….nakaka buwisit kaya ung mga ganun….ansakit s mata…nakakairita…..swerte lng c xander ford may mga tumulong s kanya….sana nga mag succed xa…ganun p man nakakaasar p rin kayabangan nya…dame ko kilala n mga tunay n gwapo …ndi nmn cla gnyan maka asta…tsk…

    • koyamojoed

      “What Marlou and all of us needed was not cosmetic surgery. What we all need is an inside-out transformation — a change that starts from within.”

      he did mention both marlou and his bashers/critics…… so…… yeah…

    • ChickenRunRun

      Everyone has a certain ego level, in this scenario let’s call it Marlou’s self esteem. Do you believe in cause and effect? Marlou was subjected to all sorts of insults, he was cyber-bullied if you are to be pedantic about it. In return he projected and build walls. His retribution was to throwback all the negatives and act as if he likes the bad attention he is getting, after all it is still attention. Kantyaw and Kutya in a form of joke is different from Mockery and Condescension. Nowadays bashing is very rampant and we make excuses to tolerate it even it’s already a form of bullying.

      His “grandiose desire” is redundant by the way. But to for the sake of argument let’s say he wanted fame, He does not need to change his appearance to be famous. He already was before he went under the knife. But because he felt that people will only care and be affectionate about him when he change his looks, something that the society approves, he then went for the surgery.

      Best of luck for him. Yes because you don’t believe in his abilities. And last thing, You just made your whole point invalid when you said, Genes don’t lie. You low-key implied that His genes are ugly, thus another condescending statement.

      I say to you, Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds hate. Hate breeds violence.

    • Anonymous

      Well cannot please everybody…we have different perceptions…we differ how we look on people…how we accept others either in physical or other aspect of a person…maybe some..bashed him tremendously..what they say is really below the belt…most of d time he was offended on how pipol react with hus appearnce. But d point is….maybe ur not so gwapo as in pogi n titilian ng tao…but im sure may mga katangian sya n maganda..n wala s mga this transformation was his choice….his dream….so dont tell na we kill him..its his decission..😁😋

    • Anonymous

      Not everybody is as strong as you. There are some that are weaker and easily affected when ridiculed and mocked. I think it would not hurt if soceity can be a little more gentle and compassionate. If only people can change their perception of what they see as beautiful, and learn to look beyond the physical attributes, then maybe…. the world will be a better place to live in!

    • kattydear

      You definitely have a point, and yes we all have egos and character that is unpleasing enough we would hide it in our closets. Actually, we are no different from Marlou. He has his ego, and we do have our own filthiness. But the point here is, nakita mo nang ganun yung isang tao and yet we sit here being passive, spectating as another life wither away simply because we see it as “their fault” naman talaga. The problem is.. the society did nothing in encouraging him to embrace his uniqueness and appreciated him for who he is, and worse bashers existed. :)

      I think you missed the point here that more than blaming the bashers for the contribution to the death of Marlou’s identity… we are all responsible in respecting and loving one another – meaning we are concerned for the welfare of each other not just merely discounting ourselves on the equation and blaming it all to the person who has ego problems that led to his destruction :)

    • Moon Rivers

      You said it yourself: before the advent of the Internet which gave a lot of people new platform to express their true colors, friends would banter about how you look. But there’s no such thing as a good-natured joke; it’s always half-meant. And more often than not, these kinds of jokes change your very character and how you perceive life and the norms the society has dictated. And if you don’t get affected by these “innocent” banters from friends, it’s either you have a cold heart or you just got used to these mean jokes. You may be right that his ego is what brought him to his new look, but I’m pretty sure that the jokes and banters he received from his very own friends, if not from the Internet, is what changed his ego. I myself experienced this. Before, I was confident with how I look. Until two of my friends from my previous work would tease me about how I look. I confronted them that it’s not funny anymore, but do you know what they told me? That they’re doing me a favor by desensitizing me, so that I won’t get affected if strangers are to tease me about how I look. It’s saddening that the worse treatment we get are from the very people we thought as friends, instead of expecting to receive existen encouragement from them.

    • Anne Rollon

      Yes, i completely agree with you. Whatever marlou did to change his appearance now is because dream nya tlaga maging gwapo. Base on my observation sakanya, hindi sya mahiyain at stereotype or introvert. He really got the confidence and nerve kahit madami pang bashers sa personal appearance nya. Sadyang afford nya lang rin kasi tlaga na maabot ang pangarap nya ngayon, well good for him . Sa case ni marlou, society is not to blame but no one, because at the end of the day, it’s your choice whatever you do with yourself. Marlou simply wanted more, he even left his team to go solo on his career. Well goodluck to his career tho, best wishes for him nalang :)

      • acircusmind

        The whole nation talaga? I don’t even know this guy prior to his cosmetic surgery. Social media is only a fraction of the people of this country. The main thing, if you are not going to say anything nice or constructive just keep your opinions to yourself. If there are people who is making you insecure through social media, quit the internet and just focus on yourself.

    • anonymous

      The author has a point. very well said regarding sa behaviour ng tao ngayon lalo na sa social media. at may point ka rin ate/kuya. ehnahancement made to marlou could be his “grandeous desire to stardom” ang rason nya lang kaya nya ginawa yon e para tanggapin sya ng tao medyo mababaw nga rin naman. We have Long Mejia, Rene Requestas, Babalu, Empoy but all of them reached stardom with their original looks…

    • Viki Arevalo

      No need to worry about genes..he could marry a foreigner for instance pra maging maganda ang kalabasan ng magiging anak nia..or qng d nmn, kelangan nia lng tlg paghandaan ang magiging future ng mga anak nia..qng ano ang magiging buhay nla..kasi i believe na d nmn tlg xa gnun kapanget..nagkataon lng na pinanganak xang mahirap kya gnun ang naging itsura nia..pero qng mayaman cla, sbihin na ntn na pango ang ilong nia pero, maputi at makinis ang balat nia..mukhang mabango at sa masasabing kaaya aya pa rin sa tingin ng iba..

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Anonymous I beg to disagree with you too. Our perspective starts from within. If you a changed heart then you have a changed perspective. What Jello wrote was the exact what people now defines true beauty and acceptance. God bless.

  3. Shan Michael Escasio

    Society today:

    Kung di ka OPPA (korean word for “brother” pinoy interpretation: “gwapo”), di ka “in”, di ka magkakalovelife. On that side of marlou relate ako. Years ago nung text2 pa kinababaliwan ko at wala pang socmed, marami ako textmate (pero yun nga, walang jowa. Di naman sa player ako. Sadyang di lang oppa. May kapansanan pa). Some of those textmates naging gf, some nameet, most, hindi. Do you know why i resorted to textmates? Hindi para makapanloko. Pero wala lang kasi akong self esteem at self confidence. Kasi may nangyari nung hs pa ako na parang natrauma ako. Hanggang kras lang naman ako dati, and until now, kasi once a girl got wind na interested ako sa kanya, magsusuper saiyan yan. One such girl did. Pasulyap2 lang ako sa kanya nun. Pero dahil nga medyo bully rin mga classmates ko (i even almost died dahil sa pranks nila). So umabot sa tuksuhan, then eventually umabot sa kanya. She then confronted me one afternoon bago magsimula ang PE namin, and in front of our classmates sinabihan ako, “ha? Ikaw? May gusto sa akin? Bakit? Gwapo ka ba? Yucks! Akala mo sinong gwapo!” kung ikaw nasa lugar ko, nanaisin mong lamunin ng lupa dahil sa kahihiyan. That time i almost did commit suicide.

    For that very reason natrauma nako sa mga babae. Di nga ko marunong manligaw eh. Kasi nga takot ako na baka may mangyari uling ganyan. 😕 kaya for my age of 30 marami nagtataka ba’t single pa rin ako. 😄😂😁

    • Jello

      Hello Shan! Thank you for sharing your heart here. I believe you’re a good person, and God will give you someone who will see your real worth and real beauty the way He sees you. C’mon brother!

  4. Frances Mae

    What Marlou and all of us needed is not a face surgery, but a heart transplant — the removal of the wicked, depraved heart and the placing of a new, clean heart.

    TRUE :'(

  5. heiressstinn

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s a reminder for all of us that our true identity can only be found in Christ. Our worth isn’t determined by our physical looks, number of achievements, and possessions .

  6. Jeffrey Datangel

    The world wants to be born again in
    its own way. The world is always superficial and fallen in its judgements. Xander Ford and all men needs to be born again… in Christ . He changes the heart from being dead not just ugly but with life everlasting.

  7. Jenifer D. Rivera

    Hello there! Could we possibly use this article as an inspiration for a short film? We assure you that proper credits shall be given to the author of this article. Please send me a reply to the e-mail attached. Thank you. God bless!

    • Jello

      Hello! Yes, sure! As long as the original message and intent of the article will not be misconstrued :) More power to you!

  8. Awen Baltazar Jimenez

    Sad but true.

    I’m not surprise that he accepted the offer to “change his life”. I actually thought of the idea that one day all of this will come, and it did happen.

    Xander then confidently uttered “who you kayo ngayon”. And out of my crazy mind I thought:


    Who are you?

    I don’t know you?

    Who created you?


  9. Katherine Castil

    Nice reflective essay here about the case of Xander Ford. I agree on what you have said that we live in a bipolar, double-standard, hypocritical society. It is so true because for most us, physical appearance has been the world’s basis of attraction. Most of the videos and articles that I have seen really put modification about having a great appearance for it comes with so much advantage especially when dealing with society and self-acacceptance. But as you have mentioned, being handsome and famous was one of his dreams and we humans have that eagerness to fulfill the things we dreamt of. Maybe in that point, that maybe lead him out to change his entire self just to get what he wants. Its sad that no one dared to step up and accept his imperfections but maybe we can just be happy for him at all cost. I could see how happy he is about his transformation. In contrast, I am really pissed off about this society’s stereotypes and basis of acceptance.

  10. Anonymous

    grabe kasi magdescriminate ang mga pinoy! pag di kagandahan or kagwapuhan parang wala ng kalagyan sa bansa natin..pati sa mga job vacancies post laging kasama sa qualification ang ” with pleasing personality” at may height requirement pa kahit di naman kailangan ang height sa talagang trabaho…nakakalungkot! :(

  11. Paps

    He decided pn something na hindi siya sigurado sa mgiging hinaharap,

    The moment na napanood ko ung video ng pgreveal sa kanya, ramdam ko na hindi talaga sya masaya na tulad ng sinasabi nya. Makikita naman un lalao na nung ung tatay nya ang tinanong for the reaction sa kanya, see the way he looks at his father na parang nhihiya pa din sya sa bagay na pinagdesisyunana nya,

    Yes there is ego in one’s self pero i think ung community pa din ang mas naging malaki ang part sa nging decision nya,

    Hopefully in the future he can live up with his transformation, sabi nga outer lang ang nabago at hindi ang inner so let’s see na lang din.

  12. Anonymous

    even ako nasabihan na ako mula elementary to collage, even until now na may asawa at anak na ako, na ang pangit ko, but the mere fact na sinasabihan ako ng ganon, i counter them na ganito, “bakit, inggit ba kayo na pangit ako”? ako nga hindi insecure na pangit ako, bakit kayo apektado. ang sabihan ka ng pangit minsan nakakawala ng self-confident, pero sa totoo lang, kung hahayaan mong lamunin ka ng takot sa pagkutsa sa physical mong anyo, saan ka pupulutin? kaya ang tanging masasabi kolang, sa madla, pangit ka man sa paningin ng iba, dahil sa physical mong kaanyuhan, may isang taong makakakita sa tunay mong kagwapuhan, sa panloob ngalang, at ipinagsisigawan ko sa buong mundo, yan ay nakita ng aking mahal na esposa na biniyayaan naman kami ng maykapal ng dalawang naggagwapuhang supling. hindi man ako pinagkalooban ng maykapal ng kagandahang physical, yan ay ipinagkaloob naman sa dalawa naming supling.MATUTONG MAGKUNTENTO KUNG ANO MERON KA NA BIGAY SYO, MAHALIN MO ANG DIYOS, ANG KAPWA AT ANG SARILI MO. HUWAG MAGPALAMON SA PANGHUHUSGA NG IBA, BAGKOS PATUYAN MO SA KANILA NA MALI SILA.

  13. ignaciojetmark

    Nah, hes doesn’t really care about the bashers, he is grateful for the fame he is getting. The guys got pride, ego and attitude. He did left his group because i do believe that it was part of his plan all along. Godbless him. I have no hate for him but his motive is so obvious since start. Fame from shame, attention made him succeed.

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  15. Landless Drifter

    Thanks for this post. Without intentionally downplaying the complicity of the “society” but it could also be suicide, assisted by the entertainment industry.

  16. barthur

    We lived in a bias society, where we only tend to favor what is pleasing to our eyes. We all need to see the GOOD in each and everyone’s heart. ❤️

  17. Anon

    I couldn’t agree more to what you’ve said. But we should also accept that we do things to ourselves to make us feel good or feel confident. It can be through clothings, make ups and currently cosmetic enhancement. So we shouldn’t crucify people who do this kind of things.

  18. Anonymous

    Just because Marlou decided to improve his physical appearance or used screen name, he has abandoned his old self. He merely embraced the world he lives in.

    I feel for Marlou being bullied, but I commend for he rose up from challenges.

  19. Malditang Librarian

    This is sadly true. Though I feel happy naman para sa kanya kasi mukhang gusto niya talaga, iba pa rin ang real change. Pero I think its the majority that needs to change, not his face. Pero according to the Bible nga we live in a fallen world, people here aren’t perfect. I think this Marlou and Xander Ford issue speaks more about Filipinos than the guy. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  20. Grasya

    Im sorry but i have to disagree on some points.
    No, society did not kill Marlou. He did that to himself. Yes, society might have pushed him too far but no, that is not enough to say that society is to blame. Bakit?? Siya lang ba ang nababash? Others had it worst or at least the same, but still they did not opted for a plastic surgery. Stop blaming society, that’s just an excuse to cover up his ego. (not a hater but not a fan either)

  21. Anonymous

    Some people don’t know how it feels like to be abandoned just because you are not what they call beautiful/handsome. Just like him, he received hundreds of negative comments about his appearance, people degraded him as a person, some even cursed at him. That’s what society have done. I’m just happy that after all the hatred he received from this society, he never committed suicide. There are a lot of people who killed themselves because of this cruel world, and I think a lot will change if we will choose a to share little kindness instead of spreading hate.

  22. HH

    Disgusting. You have captured this well. Wonder how this case got away without capturing international attention. A kid literally got bullied online for his looks, and the media took advantage of permanently “fixing” his looks to “gain acceptance from society” – not because the kid wanted to change his looks. All for ratings and profit. What an embarassment.

  23. Margaret Asuncion

    It was mentioned several times “If only he was told…” Was it society’s responsibility to tell him that? Self-esteem & feeling confident about yourself no matter how you look are things which should have been instilled in his mind by his parents while bringing him up. Yes maybe society’s partly to be blamed but it was still Marlou’s decision in the end. Lahat ba ng ngpaparetoke victims ng bullying? D ba pwedeng they just wanted to improve or enhance some facial features or body parts? D ba pwedeng ganun lang? D ba pwedeng PERIOD.

  24. mary jane

    we have our former crew…. she told me that she’s now working in a factory in Taiwan.. She’s happy and feels great to be in that country. The people there are not criticizing her, they see her beauty inside and out.

  25. Anonymous

    Why dont you just shut up and let him be whoever he wants to be? Whether he wants to be xander ford or marlou or whoever, life is about choices, we choose whatever makes us happy. You pretend that you care for the guy but the fact is, you are using him to gain attention for yourself.

  26. alembess

    Maki Xander Ford nga muna. Haay mixed feelings ako eh. On one hand, masaya ako kasi masaya siya na gumuwapo siya. Gumuwapo naman talaga! At least lumevel up ang self-esteem. Pero galit ako sa mga bashers and bullies nya dati. They had succeeded in pushing him to (agree to) undergo cosmetic surgery that, although it is his right to decide so and is a legitimate source of self-boosting, is ultimately a superficial change. (Hindi genetic, ie, yung anak niya later will still get his Marlou facial features).I hope this leads him to build himself a solid, authentic character rather than a swollen-headed celebrity that many like him have become. I hope he gets to avoid the pattern, because of his new-found power, of the bullied becoming bullies. I feared for him when he said he had forgotten the old him and will love only the new. The truth is that Marlou, although declared dead, will always be alive within him. Marlou pre-existed Xander Ford. Marlou is the foundation of all that Xander Ford is and will be. Fans can only support him upto a certain distance. Fans are fickle and can turn to another celebrity or against him for reasons from a to z. Xander Ford I hope will live on as a person and not a mere celebrity. Otherwise, deep in my heart, Marlou should have been allowed to live and be loved and celebrated for who he was more than how he looked.

  27. Awen Baltazar Jimenez

    Sad but true.

    I’m not surprise that he accepted the offer to “change his life”. I actually thought of the idea that one day all of this will come, and it did happen.

    Xander then confidently uttered “who you kayo ngayon”. And out of my crazy mind I thought:


    Who are you?

    I don’t know you.


  28. Anonyfckinmous

    Bullsht will somebody stop this nonsense already, you’re making up stories over what? The freakin facial surgery he’d undergone? You think he really changed his looks because of these bashers and critics being thrown to him. My god grow up people and stop this bullshit. It’s all over my newsfeed too many posts about society is what made Marlou do what he had done. For fucks sake there are like a lot of people who had done such things not because they were bullied, laughed upon, etc etc. This is a fckin joke. Your famous celebrities were they being bashed? Bullied? Criticized for what they look? No! They all have the same intention. Who could refuse a free facial surgery and the chance to be in the limelight for the rest of your life. Just because an ugly person changed for the better doesn’t mean he did it to get away from the hateful comments towards him. Don’t you realize he was already being forgotten for the past months then suddenly boom here he comes with a new gimmick. It’s just a matter of money making techniques. And stop including God and other stuffs about Religion in your posts. Stop being a hypocrite for once people of the Philippines. Please stop being a cancer ng lipunan.

  29. Anonymous

    I agree, Your comment explains two view points. The society who pushed Marlou to transform. And Marlou himself who is not confident of what God had have given unto him. If he transformed by God, He may have the confident that whatever he has was enough. Yah, you cannot ignore in the reality that people used to bashed…But if he was first transformed inside, he would have a different perspective of who he is physically. That no matter what, baka nga he would rather say “Eh ano, Mahal naman ako ni Lord”.

    -just my insight.

  30. MB

    Nice post but don’t dig too deep into his words. I used to work at abs-cbn and i have several friends who tried to have a pictire with him. Siya pa galit. Hindi siya kulang sa atensiyon or kailangan maintindihan. He has a very huge ego and he is what we call “GGSS.” Sorry to bust your bubble darling.

  31. Anonymous

    for me ok lng wala tyo dpat problemahin sa pag pparetoke nya, at ako aaminin ko khit minsan di ko nalaiit yang tao na yan totoo kc walang perfect sa mundo.
    Ang diko nagustuhan sa kanya mula ng nagbgo e parang lumalaki ata ang ulo,
    Ang tumatak sakin na words e yung time n tanungin cia ni korina paano daw yung bashers nia
    Ano sabi nia, who u kayo sakin, awtch wag ganon para sakin down kna dat point haha
    Dpat mejo pahumble tyo pre, lagi mo isipin e c marlou k pa din simple at nangangarap, wag tyo magyayabang at wag masydo mataas ang expectations yung egp ibaba konti ok

  32. Anonymous

    Jesus command is to love one another not insult one another… We are not aware that we already hurt a person’s feelings by our unsolicited comments and opinions. It is no surprise one day anger will consume a person’s heart and to the core of his soul. We all need help, we cant do it alone. Without the help of Holy Spirit’s renewal of mind and heart some of this folks will become Hitler and terrorist in the making…. I will not be surprise.

  33. Mia

    Thank you. I agree. Though I didn’t know him before the before-and-after picture came out, I already felt sad for the young man in him. I wish him well.

  34. reinstorm

    Whoever wrote this article you are pathetic. nangarap sya para sa sarili at pamilya ngayon natupad na he’s living his dream now. We’re not talking about spiritual values here we’re talking about economic reasons here. Showbiz is a competitive world you need a good look kung wala kang pera this is impossible paano la kikita at mapakain mo ang pamilya mo.He endures all physical pain and emotional trolling para lang matupad ang dream niya to be in mainstream showbiz. eh kung magbabasura lang ang pangarap nya may relevance pa ba ang retoke? And one more how can you justify poverty? mag benta ng shabu o mangholdap o mag enhance para gamitin sa showbiz para kumita? To the writer isa lang ang nakikita ko dito ang dreams mo sana ay nakikita mo sa kanya na hindi mo natupad.

  35. Anonymous

    I beg to disagree that media are the one to blame of Xander Ford existence.

    1. Marlou created a impressions na hambog sya at super ups sa sarili.
    2. He insulted the social media that bash him na nagkakapera sya sa pang babash sa kanya.. another hambog acts.
    3. He himself hates his looks. Di nya minahal ang sarili nya! Bagkus i binintang nya sa tao para magkaroon sya ng pera pang tustos sa pangarap nyang maging gwapo.

    Bago masabing social media nga ang responsable sa kanya pag talikod as Marlou, balikan nyo muna ang ugat at simula’t simulang videos nya. Sya mismo ang nagtatatwa ng mukha nya. Sya mismo di nya matanggap ang binigay ng dyos sa kanya. Kaya wag nyang ibintang sa tao ang katuparan ng pangarap nyang maging gwapo! Masaya ako para sa kanya pero mali na di nya harapin ang katutohanan sya mismo he hate himself from the day 1 he realized na di sya magandang lalaki na tulad ng sinasabi nya. Ang daming artista dyan ganyan ang itsura tulad ng sinasabi nya pero pinagyaman nila at niyakap nila ang bigay ng may kapal. Kung may pag iisip sya… malalaman nya na na bash at binabash sya dahil sa asal/angas na pinakita nya hindi sa dahil sa sinasabi nyang pangit sya. Para na nyang ininsulto ang lahi ng mga magulang nya sa technically pag bubura ng resemblance nya sa kapatid at magulang nya. Sana lang makapag asawa sya ng super ganda na ang magiging anak nya at maging ka hawig din ni Xander Ford. Yun lang. Sana Marlou sinubukan mo.muna baguhin ang asal at asta mo, ok lang maging feeling gwapo pero wag lang sana sumubra, para di mo ito naranasan… ikaw ang lumikha nito ikaw ang responsible hindi ang social media.💜 god bless u!

  36. tacx

    There’s nothing wrong about the changes of his self. “This is my life my rules”- Arci.
    I’m happy for him despite of all the bash he received from the beginning look at him now he is still blessed. We all have our own insecurities even me. No one will not accept a blessing that you ever wanted in your whole life.. Hello?!.It’s a blessing

  37. Theia

    I could see that his “new found” personality was a product of his defense mechanism. Because of tormenters, he was forced to change his outer appearance. Because those goddamn bashers wouldn’t stop ridiculing him, he decided to change his appearance and still, people have the audacity to say ” hindi niya inappreciate yung bigay ni GOD sa kanya”. Well yeah because it’s your fault he wasn’t able to appreciate his appearance. Yep, double-standards ika nga.

    We live in a judgemental and double standard world. Welcome to ugly planet where people pin-point your outer flaws and offer you the ways how to transform them.

  38. aryannealzate

    I bet to disagree with this. Kasi start pa lang ng pag sikat ng group niya at naging viral mga post niya, naging hambog na siya nilagay na niya sa utak niya na sikat siya kaya hindi yung mukha niya yung problema kung hindi yung ugali niya, With that I guess hindi siya matutukso ng mga tao kung hindi dahil sa ugali niya. There’s an interview with the rest of Hasht5 kay Lloyd Cadena and they told that si Marlou or Xander ang mismong umalis sa grupo nila, if you’re the leader of the group kailangan mo din ingatan ang group mo hindi yung iiwan mo sila at sasama ka sa ibang group na alam mong sisikat ka. In short, siya na mismo ang hindi kontento sa meron siya, hindi rin siya marunong mag pasalamat sa mga taong tumulong sa kaniya. And also, siya na mismong gumagawa ng paraan para ma bash siya ng tao can’t blame the people.

    Just can’t blame the society, siya mismo ang nag paagos sa gusto ng mga tao, nasa kaniya yun kung mag babago siya or hindi.

  39. Lyn

    It’s not all about blaming. He decided on his own. If you really want to be who you are, then the nature of our society will not seen, will not affect you. It should be Good that loves you (Marlou) or us that is appreciated and not by entertaining the judgmental society we have. It’s not your fault that they judge you but it’s their loss that it’s​ a sin in the eyes​ of God. Not yet late to sincerely accept what is fault :-) God bless

  40. Anonymous

    swak na swak parekoy!
    hinding-hinding talaga mababago ng cosmetic surgery ang pag-uugali ng mga tao. At the same side, hindi naman natin lubos na kilala si Marlou a.k.a Xander Ford na ngayon, we just see him on tv or hear about him in social media. We don’t really know if he change he’s attitude now. Pero, did you hear about his trending news about Xander Ford nowadays? I saw this blog in the net of what is happening to him this days.

    Here is the link to the blog

    thanks mate.

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