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Two words perfectly describe the world we live in today: FAST-PACED and MAD.

By fast-paced, I meant that the world is changing at a rate that is faster than ever. And by mad, I meant that the world is getting crazier by the minute as shocking events unfold in different parts of the world almost simultaneously.

On November 12, 43 people were killed in two suicide bombings in Lebanon. A day after this incident, another 19 people died in Iraq because of another suicide bombing incident at a funeral. The pinnacle of these events took place on the same day in Paris, where several terror attacks claimed at least 127 innocent lives. The notorious ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The world as we know it has changed. The significant moral decline, the plummeting regard for the value of human lives and the growing evil in society indicate that we are now living in the 11th hour.

Things happen so fast nowadays that we no longer have enough time to process and mourn over a crime before another one takes place. It’s like browsing your Facebook feed: The emotion you feel over one post from a friend only lasts until the next post hits your eyes.

Here are some of the trending issues that currently affect us. Allow me to share my thoughts on each.

Laglag Bala modus

laglag bala gangPerhaps anyone will really feel indignant about this because of the shame it brought upon our country and the chilling effect it created among travelers. To the perpetrators of this crime, you may evade justice in this lifetime, but the justice of God will hunt you down. Turn away from your evil deeds before your time is up.

To the government, it’s time to wield the sword and get some heads rolling. Fulfill your mandate to protect the State — the sovereign people who placed you in your position — and get to the bottom of this oppression.

To my kababayans who allegedly bring bullets to be used as amulets, put your faith in God who has real power to protect you from anything. Putting your faith in anything or anyone else can get you into trouble.

The #PrayFor Debate

pray forNewsflash: Those who were hurt or killed in Paris, Lebanon and Iraq do not care about our profile photos on Facebook. We can stop arguing about who really prayed for Paris, what hashtag to use, or who to pray for. It’s time to focus on the most important thing — LOVE. This isn’t a time to hate over trivial matters. This isn’t a time to fight over religion. This is a time to love one another as human beings. It doesn’t matter whether you changed your Facebook profile photo, or whether you changed it for the right reason. Whether you’re praying for Paris, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria or the world, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that people are praying for somebody — or at least are joining humanity’s stand for a better world.

APEC Horror

12273059_10154408865316632_1295954226_nSocial media are abuzz with horror stories caused by the APEC Summit this week. Metro Manila has already been experiencing horrific traffic on normal days, and this summit escalated that to an extreme level.

I understand the hatred and frustration by the people, and the least that I want to do is to fuel their anger. I pray that this scenario will compel our government to grow in terms of hosting high-level events like this. The woes of the working class — the very people who fuel our economy — undermine the economic goals that this summit aims.

Nevertheless, I would like to enjoin everyone to keep praying for the success of this summit. Big things are at stake in this event, including our territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea. Also, in light of recent world events, let us pray for protection for our country as we could be the target of terrorist attacks while the summit is taking place.

Ronda Rousey

ronda-rousey-1024Ronda Rousey’s defeat in the hands (or, should I say, deadly leg) of Holly Holm somehow succeeded in taking our attention away from the attacks in Paris. I’ve seen the match, and I can’t help but say, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” Indeed, pride comes before a downfall (Proverbs 16:18).

Peace out to all Rousey fans out there! She’s an amazing fighter, and I’m sure that she will be greater once she learns to put her confidence not on her strength but on God who gives real strength.


Alma Moreno

alam-moreno-1This deserves the final spot on this list because of the social media attention it is getting.

Adding to the ire of Filipino netizens is aspiring senator Alma Moreno, who blew an interview with veteran journalist Karen Davila. The whole interview was cringe-worthy, filled with nervous laughs, motherhood statements and ignorant opinion on important matters that a senatorial candidate must be familiar with.

While I understand the disgust of everybody, there’s really no need to shame her for her ignorance. I think that Ms. Moreno has good intentions for running, but she is probably being used by people who seek to promote their political agenda by fielding an ignorant ally to win a seat (and a voting power) in the Senate.

Let’s just thank Ms. Davila and her fellow journalists who endeavor to educate the voters for the upcoming elections. Let’s do our part in guarding the country’s rein and do what we can to spread awareness.


In the midst of all these madness, let’s guard our collective sanity as a nation. Spread good vibes, pray for our nation and keep a positive outlook! Stay sane, everyone!